SARM Pleased Federal Government Addressing Competiveness in Cattle Industry

The federal government yesterday announced new funding to help make the red meat sector more competitive.  The Slaughter Improvement Fund is receiving $25 million dollars for plants that handle cattle older than thirty months.  It costs more in Canada to slaughter these cattle than it does in the United States because of the Specified Risk Material (SRM) disposal requirements.

SARM is pleased that the federal government is pursuing ways to make Canada’s livestock industry more competitive.  “SARM has always taken the position that Canadian cattle producers must have a level playing field compared to their American counterparts.  We are pleased that the government has recognized this problem and is addressing it,” said SARM President David Marit. “SRM requirements have impacted not only our producers but also our packing plants.”

The federal government will also be investing $40 million in new technologies for dealing with SRM removal and disposal. This announcement includes exploring potential revenue sources from SRM.  “SARM has always maintained that there must be some value-added component to SRM removal as there is in the United States.  This will help move us in that direction.” said President Marit.