New Funding for Community Water Projects

New Funding for Community Water Projects

SARM is please that the Provincial Government has recognized the impact drought has had on southwest Saskatchewan.  The Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program that was announced today by Agriculture Minister Bob Bjornerud will provide assistance to southwest area farmers and ranchers by providing grants for community water projects. 

“Farmers and ranchers in southwest Saskatchewan have been dealing with drought conditions for a number of years,” said SARM President David Marit.  “There is a great need for a secure water source for these producers.” 

SARM President David Marit and Director Doug Steele, along with producer Larry Grant, welcomed the opportunity to participate on the Producer Advisory Committee that provided the province with direction in the design of this program with a goal of working towards building a long term, sustainable water infrastructure strategy.   

“Currently many communities in the southwest are struggling to supply water to farmers and ranchers.   This program will help alleviate this burden in the short term, until we can develop a long term water strategy,” said Marit

Federal Government to Help Farmers and Ranchers Affected by Drought

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Dealing with Drought

You may also print off application forms for the CSWSEP program through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada/Prairie Farm Rehabilitation on the NWSEP website at: