Building Canada Fund Will Help Smaller Communities

Building Canada Fund Will Help Smaller Communities Address Infrastructure Pressures 

SARM is pleased with today’s signing of the framework agreement which will provide more than $236 million from the Building Canada Fund to support infrastructure initiatives in Saskatchewan.   

Of the $236 million, 40% or $94.5 million will be allocated to smaller scale projects in communities of less then 100,000 residents.  The province will be matching this funding which means a total of $189 million available over seven years to help smaller communities address infrastructure pressure.  

“We are happy to see both levels of government commit to long term infrastructure funding,” said SARM President David Marit. “Discussions can now begin to set the criteria for the distribution of funds, a process in which SARM expects to play a role.” 

“SARM would like to thank both the Federal and Provincial governments for moving this funding partnership forward,” said Marit. “Infrastructure investment is key to the future growth and development of this province.”  

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