SARM Convention

Agriculture Safety Week Launched at SARM Convention

Agriculture Minister Bob Bjornerud launched Agricultural Safety Week on the final day of the SARM Annual Convention.  Bjornerud along with members of the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association, Canadian Federation of Agriculture, Farm Credit Canada and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada encouraged farmers to think carefully about their work and find way to reduce sprains, strains and falls.   

Delegates debated a number of resolutions regarding disaster assistance, school closures, livestock regulatory costs and issues on rural roads. 

After the nominations for Board positions were received, David Marit was re-elected President of SARM, and Jim Hallick won the Vice-Presidency, both by acclamation.  Don Taylor was re-elected in Division 1, Doug Steel was re – elected by acclamation in Division 3, and Richard Porter from Shellbrook was elected by acclamation for his first term as a SARM board member in Division 5. 

“I am pleased that Doug Steele and Don Taylor have been re-elected by our delegates and I look forward to working with new board member Richard Porter,” said President Marit.  “The SARM Board is very dedicated to working on the many issues facing rural Saskatchewan for our members, and we look forward to continuing that work in coming years.” 

The SARM Board of Directors for 2008 – 2009 is: 

President                      David Marit
Vice-President               Jim Hallick
Director Division 1          Don Taylor  (re-elected)
Director Division 2          Ray Orb 
Director Division 3          Doug Steele (re-elected by acclamation)
Director Division 4          Harvey Malanowich 
Director Division 5          Richard Porter (elected by acclamation)
Director Division 6          Darryl Senecal 
Director Ex-Officio          Don McCallum, RMAA President 

Over 1800 people were in attendance at the convention, which wrapped up today at Ipsco Place in Regina.