SARM Welcomes Permanent Federal Tax Fund

SARM  Welcomes Permanent Federal Gas Tax Fund

SARM is pleased with today’s budget announcement to permanently fund infrastructure through the Gas Tax Fund. This fund, which will be worth $2 billion a year by 2009, will help to build and maintain the aging and overburdened infrastructure in rural Saskatchewan. 

“One of the most significant challenges facing rural municipalities across Canada is finding resources to build, repair, and replace essential infrastructure,” said Marit.  “Without essential infrastructure in place, rural Canada cannot attract and retain the individuals and businesses that are necessary for economic development and social sustainability.” 

“We are happy to see a commitment to infrastructure funding in this budget,” said SARM President David Marit.  “However, we did ask for a new and expanded rural roads program to specifically support existing and future economic development in rural Saskatchewan which was not reflected in today’s budget.” 

SARM is also happy to see the government is committed to support the environment while working with the Saskatchewan coal industry.  Marit says, “This industry is important to rural Saskatchewan’s economy and the $240 million dollar investment in new technology to capture carbon dioxide emissions and store them underground will help ensure that this industry will remain viable into the future.” 

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