SARM Convention a Success

SARM Convention a Success  

The 2007 SARM Midterm wrapped up today with an address by Premier-elect Brad Wall and the Federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-food Gerry Ritz.   

Premier-elect Wall talked about revenue sharing, education tax on property and the need to work with SARM on agricultural issues such as Crop Insurance.  Wall stressed that we need to prepare for the challenges the come with growth and the need to re-invest back into rural Saskatchewan. 

Ritz reiterated that his government is committed to a renewed suite of business risk management programs, science and innovation, environmental farm plans and the next generation of agriculture policy framework. In addition, Ritz addressed concerns on rail transportation, including the recently tabled Bill C-8.    

Approximately 800 SARM delegates also discussed health care services in rural communities, control of Richardson’s ground squirrels (gophers), biofuels and the possibility of an inland container port for Saskatchewan. 

 “This convention was very successful, with good discussion and input from our members,” said SARM President David Marit.  “We are pleased that Premier-elect Brad Wall and Minister Ritz addressed this delegation, and we look forward to working with them as we move forward the concerns of rural Saskatchewan.” 

31 resolutions were debated.  Some of note included fines for motorists using a cell phones while operating a moving vehicle, Saskatchewan Health covering the cost of inter-hospital transfers for Saskatchewan residents, and a resolution encouraging RMs contribute towards research to find an effective and environmentally acceptable control for Richardson’s Ground Squirrels.     

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