SARM Pleased with Emergency Strychnine Registration

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SARM Pleased with Emergency Strychnine Registration

SARM is pleased with yesterday’s announcement that the Pesticide Management Regulation Agency (PMRA) has approved Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food’s application for a one-year emergency registration of two percent liquid strychnine for the control of Richardson ground squirrels in southern Saskatchewan.  

Control of Richardson’s ground squirrels, more commonly known as gophers, has been a long term problem.  They eat forages and other crops and cause significant damage to pasture land, equipment and livestock.  “The number of Richardson’s ground squirrels has gone up dramatically since the use of strychnine was restricted,” said SARM President David Marit. “They are doing serious damage to farmland and severely impacting farm profitability”. 

Producers in the 45 rural municipalities that have been deemed to have severe infestations may purchase two percent liquid strychnine to help control this problem.  Distribution of the product will be done through rural municipalities and there will be a monitoring program to ensure compliance with all restrictions. 

“We appreciate that both levels of government have recognized the severity of the problem and implemented this emergency registration,” stated Marit.  “SARM has been lobbying for the return of two percent liquid strychnine.  This will help in the short term until a cost effective, environmentally friendly long term solution can be found.” 

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