SARM calls for a five-year moratorium on school closures

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SARM calls for five-year moratorium on school closures 

SARM delegates unanimously passed a resolution calling for a five-year moratorium on school closures, except in cases where local affected communities agree to close the school.  

“Schools are vital to the future of rural communities.  There are signs that economic conditions are improving in rural areas and many communities are determining their own futures by facilitating local economic development,” said SARM President David Marit.  “Over time, the effects of these initiatives will be felt as communities grow, and so our members want to keep schools open in this time of opportunity.” 

After the nominations for Board positions were received, David Marit was re-elected President of SARM, and Jim Hallick won the Vice-Presidency, both by acclamation.  Directors for Divisions 2, 4, and 6 were also re-elected by acclamation. 

“I am pleased that our entire Board has been re-elected by our delegates and I thank them for their support.  This tells me that our members are satisfied with our efforts on their behalf,” said President Marit.  “The SARM Board is very dedicated to working on the many issues facing rural Saskatchewan for our members, and we look forward to continuing that work in coming years.” 

The SARM Board of Directors for 2007-08 is: 
President                      David Marit
Vice-President               Jim Hallick
Director Division 1          Don Taylor
Director Division 2          Ray Orb  (re-elected by acclamation)
Director Division 3          Doug Steele
Director Division 4          Harvey Malanowich  (re-elected by acclamation)
Director Division 5          Murray Purcell
Director Division 6          Darryl Senecal  (re-elected by acclamation)
Director Ex-Officio          Kevin Ritchie, RMAA President 

Over 1900 people were in attendance at the convention, which wrapped up today at TCU place in Saskatoon. 

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