SARM Midterm Convention Wraps Up

For Immediate Release

The SARM Midterm Convention wrapped up today with 872 reeves, councillors, administrators and visitors in attendance in Saskatoon.   

In his morning address, Honourable Harry Van Mulligen commended SARM and rural municipalities for working together on proactive initiatives such as Clearing the Path and confirmed Province’s commitment to working with SARM to establishing Primary Road Corridors to open up economic development opportunities in rural Saskatchewan.   

Minister Van Mulligen also spoke on new joint provincial/municipal initiatives such as the Municipal Capacity Development Program and the Saskatchewan Municipal Awards.  He re-affirmed the Province’s commitment to direct 30 per cent of any new money coming in on federal equalization will go to the reduction of education tax on property.   

“We are encouraged by the Minister’s announcement that he is looking towards solutions for the heavy oil road impact in the Northwest and that the province is looking at a package of solutions to assist them, including financial assistance before the 2007 annual convention,” said SARM President David Marit.  “We look forward to working with the Province on the package of solutions.”  

At a noon meeting of Division 6, Darryl Senecal, Councillor for the RM of St. Andrew’s No. 287, was elected to the SARM Board as interim Director of Division 6.   

SARM delegates passed a point of privilege resolution regarding the Canadian Wheat Board as follows:  

Point of Privilege No. 5-06M 

WHEREAS, the resolution to support the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) that passed at the 2006 Annual Convention has caused significant division within the membership;  

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that we recommend to the delegates to reconsider SARM’s position; and 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the future of the CWB be left to the decision of the Federal Government and grain producers. 

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David Marit
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