Channel Clearing Financial Assistance Program for RMs Withdrawn

For Immediate Release

RMs are facing another economic setback as the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority withdrew their 50 per cent financial cost sharing support from the Channel Clearing Assistance Program for rural municipalities in April 2006.

“With many Saskatchewan communities experiencing problems with excess water, especially in the northeast this year, the loss of the program’s financial support is not good news,” said SARM President David Marit. “While the program will still offer technical and administrative guidance, the financial assistance is very important to our rural communities.”

Last year, 65 RMs in Saskatchewan accessed over $110,000 in financial support from the program. Those funds generated almost a quarter of a million dollars to help maintain the drainage systems servicing agriculture land.

The Channel Clearing Assistance Program for Rural Municipalities financially assisted municipalities with the removal of brush and obstructions in natural water channels and maintenance of existing drainage ditches under the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority.

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