Public Discussion Forum on Nuclear Energy Underway in Regina

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Public Discussion Forum on Nuclear Energy Underway in Regina

Exploring Saskatchewan’s Nuclear Future, a public discussion forum on the issues surrounding nuclear development, began today at the Regina Inn.

The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities, the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association, and the University of Regina partnered together to organize the event. Over the next two days, the conference will look at all aspects of the nuclear energy industry: uranium mining, value-added processing of uranium, nuclear power generation and power alternatives, and spent fuel storage options. In order to create dialogue on the issues, discussion sessions will be held on each theme.

Today’s keynote speakers focus on public views of the uranium industry. Pollster Doug Fast, will discuss trends in public opinion on the uranium industry, and Kjell Andersson from Sweden brings that country’s perspective on public acceptance of nuclear energy. On Wednesday, Patrick Moore, former activist-turned environmental consultant, will share his views on the role of nuclear energy in a sustainable world.

“We are capable of resisting the siren song of dogma in favour of balancing various considerations and interests in a pragmatic way that maximizes our current social, economic and environmental needs without compromising the options available to future generations,” says Robert Hawkins, U of R President.

SUMA Vice-President Towns Allan Earle says the role of the conference is simply to facilitate an open dialogue on an historically controversial topic. “We want participants to have learned enough over the course of the forum to hold an informed opinion when they leave.””We are not here to decide at this gathering whether or not the nuclear industry will be expanded in Saskatchewan in the future,” says SARM President Neal Hardy, “But, if we can have an open dialogue on the issues surrounding it, and we can lay the foundation that future decisions can be based on, then we will have achieved something here.”

For more information contact:

  • Arita McPherson, SARM –Cell at (306) 527-6613; or
  • Cam Baker, SUMA – Cell at (306) 529-6328; or
  • Jim Duggleby, U of R – Cell at (306) 536-4312.