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SARM Weekly Webinars 


Respectful Workplace

A respectful workplace fosters and builds a healthy organization. A healthy organization increases productivity among the workforce and enables the organization to achieve its goals and visions.

Learn the key elements that are necessary to build a respectful workplace, including legal responsibilities of the employer in creating a safe work environment to prevent any cases of harassments. You will also learn about the definitions of harassment, including what constitutes harassment, and what does not. We will then explore all the options that are available when a case of harassment is alleged to have occurred.

Date: February 4, 2021
Time: 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Speakers: CK Tan - Kn/a HR Consulting

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HR Policies

HR policies inform employees about the organization’s expectations and culture, provide structure and fairness, and ensure compliance with employment legislation.

Join Stephen Eger of Kn/a HR Consulting as he presents a list and discusses key human resource polices crucial for effective organizations. From Fit for Work to Anti-Harassment and Compensation, Stephen will share why these policies are important and what they should include. Expect a fast paced and informative session, and some key takeaways.

Date of Event: January 14, 2021
Speaker: Stephen Eger - Kn/a HR Consulting

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SARM's Trading Programs

SARM Trading Services allows members to benefit from fully trade-compliant Group Buying Power to receive substantial discounts, consolidated invoicing and access to our wide variety vendors, all without going to tender.

Learn more about our programs by participating in this educational webinar. During this complimentary webinar we will outline key benefits and suppliers that can be utilized through our program, cost-saving measures, the RFP process/trade compliance, and answer any questions you have.  

Date: December 17, 2020
Speakers: Ainsley Murdock - Client Relations manager for SARM
Amanda Kozak - Accounts Administrator for SARM
Tyler Hannemann - Manager of Business Development for RMA Trade
Jesse Patenaude - Manager of National Partnerships for RMA Trade

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Join SARM staff Terry Hoeving, Alexander Udey, and Daniel Segal in a Q/A to address all of your questions about the new Rural Integrated Roads for Growth program (RIRG).

The application intake for 2020-21 will be rolled out in December so this is a perfect opportunity to learn more about the RIRG and your RM's eligibility for the program.

Date of Event: December 15, 2020
Speakers: Terry Hoeving - Infrastructure Committee Advisor & RIRG Manager
Daniel Segal P. Eng., PMP - Director of Municipal Bridge Services
Alexander Udey M.Sc., P.Eng. - Municipal Bridge Engineer

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Business Continuity

With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, places of work have been challenged with keeping employees safe while ensuring work continues.

Leah's session will discuss business continuity. How do we continue to conduct our business, manage employees, and work, and support our employees during this pandemic? What is the RM’s responsibility for a safe workplace?

Date of Event: December 8, 2020
Speaker: Leah Knibbs - Kn/a HR Consulting

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Municipal Leaders’ Roles and Responsibilities

Judy’s presentation will provide information to newly-elected council members about their roles and responsibilities as a council member of their local government. The presentation would also serve as a good refresher for existing council members.

Participants will hear about the importance of open and transparent government, conflict of interest, code of ethics, decision making, and council procedures. A question and answer session will follow the presentation.

Date of Event: December 1, 2020
Speaker: Judy Kanak - Municipal Advisor, Municipal Relations & Advisory Services, Ministry of Government Relations

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Technology and Rural Saskatchewan

Technology has played a fundamental role in shaping the rural landscape over the past century. The agriculture sector has witnessed dramatic shifts in how we feed the world — moving from literal horsepower, through to heavy machinery in the course of only a few decades.

The emergence of digital technologies has signalled we are on the verge of a similar evolution: The resources we have typically seen exist above and below ground now grow in parallel within “the cloud” online at unprecedented scale. This session isn’t reserved only for those well-versed in technology; it’s an opportunity for municipal leaders to seize the present opportunity to position the next generation of leaders for success.

Join us to discover how you can unlock the conversation on technology to help shape a vibrant future for generations to come!

Date of Event: November 24, 2020
Speaker: Brennen Schmidt - Author/Speaker/Strategist (Cyber City Safe: Emergency Planning Beyond the Maginot Line)

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