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Provincial Election 2020 Priorities

On October 2, 2020 SARM wrote a letter (click here PDF template of letter from SARM) to the leaders of the 6 registered political parties in Saskatchewan.   

We asked them about their party’s positions on key rural issues including:

  • Access to reliable rural broadband
  • Continued/predictable municipal support
  • Balancing policing level of service with levies paid
  • How they plan to support our agriculture sector

Download SARM's Election Priorities (PDF)

We asked for them to reply to SARM by October 14th so we could share their replies with our members. 

Responses to our letter can be found here:

Buffalo Party (Link to reply PDF)
New Democratic Party (Link to reply PDF)
PC Party of Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Green Party
Saskatchewan Liberal Party
Saskatchewan Party (Link to reply PDF