Trading Services

Trading Services was formed following a recommendation by members at the 1930 convention.  One of the first activities was the distribution of first aid kits as required under the Workmen's Compensation Act. Trading Services continues to grow its diverse selection of products and services.

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About Us

SARM ensures that procurement of products and services for members meets the requirements of the New West Trade Partnership Agreement and the Canadian Free Trade Agreement


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Public Works

The combined purchasing power, made possible through SARM's cooperative procurement programs partnership with the Canoe Procurement Group, and with Sourcewell, provides municipalities with access to a wide range of trade compliant, high quality, competitively priced goods and services.


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Pest Control

Pest management is important to our ag industry.  Pests can have a detrimental effect on operations so we've partnered to provide rodent control products.


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Office & Election Supplies 

As a one-stop solution for all office supplies and elections supplies, SARM's Office and Election Supplies program provides RMs with discounted prices and easy access to order.


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High Interest Savings Account

Partnering with CIBC Commercial Banking,  HISA  offers a competitive interest rate, secured principal, and the ability to move your money at any time without penalty, regardless of the amount invested and your deposits are held in your own account.


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Forms & Inventory

Trading services makes it easy for you to order forms and inventory from ballot order forms to pest control forms.  Order yours online.


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Become a Supplier

Approved suppliers are recognized as SARM’s trustworthy partners which positions businesses to leverage the strong, longstanding relationship between SARM and the member rural municipalities.


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