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Under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) agreement, the Federal and Provincial governments have committed to invest $3.15 million in the Pest Biosecurity Program for the remainder of CAP to March 31, 2023.  SARM will continue to deliver this program and administer a network of Plant Health Officers (PHO) across the province along with three rebate programs based on a 50:50 cost-share, one each focused on invasive plant control, rat control and nuisance beaver control. 

SARM administers a 50:50 cost-share rebate program to all rural municipalities (RM) and First Nations Bands (FNB), south of the Northern Administrative District, to control the beaver population in their respective jurisdictions. The CAP-BCP will focus on the humane removal of nuisance beaver by providing rebates to RMs and FNBs that operate a humane beaver management program. Funding for rebates for this program year is to a maximum of $450,000.

The program will rebate:

  • Up to 50% per adult nuisance beaver removed by licensed fur trappers (based on a minimum $30 payment per nuisance beaver removed);
  • Up to $500 for pond leveler materials and installation each but not exceeding 50% of eligible cost (less any taxes with verified invoices); and
  • Up to $500 for beaver deceiver materials and installation each but not exceeding 50% of eligible cost (less any taxes with verified invoices).

The deadline to claim under the 2021-22 CAP-BCP is February 15, 2022. 

NEW – The eligible dates to claim for adult nuisance beaver to be removed has been extended to included February 16, 2021 to the claim deadline, February 15, 2022.


Plant Health Officers

Katey Makohoniuk, Division 1 or 306-594-7683

Joanne Kwasnicki, Division 2 or 306-541-8437

Betty Johnson, Division 3 or 306-315-3925

Lynne Roszell, Division 4 or 306-852-8328

Chelsea Neuberger, Division 5 or 306-380-4526

Colleen Fennig, Division 6 or 306-946-9895

PBP Contact Sheet and SARM Division Map


Annette Ellert, Programs Administrator or 306-761-3744