Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) – Pest Biosecurity Programs 

Evident by the continued resolutions brought forward at Midterm and Annual SARM Conventions, Rural Municipalities (RM) continue to voice concerns regarding emerging and existing agricultural pests and have asked the Federal and Provincial governments to continue providing assistance with the cost of their control. 

In response, the Federal and Provincial governments have committed to invest $2.85 million per year for five years in a Pest Biosecurity Program.  Building on the success of Growing Forward 2, SARM delivers this program and administers a network of Plant Health Officers (PHO) across the province along with three 50:50 cost-share rebate programs, one each focused on invasive plant control, rat control and nuisance beaver control.   

The Pest Biosecurity Program, available to RMs and First Nations (FNB), south of the Northern Administrative District, is made up of 4 programs that will provide RMs and FNBs with resources when dealing with issues regarding invasive plants, rats, nuisance beavers, clubroot and other pests as declared/designated under the Saskatchewan Pest Control Act and Weed Control Act.