What We Do

SARM is the voice of rural Saskatchewan and represents their members in many forums.  SARM members have access to several programs and services offered by the Association.

Member Programs and Services

General Municipal Support

The staff at SARM has a significant amount of experience in municipal government and endeavours to assist municipalities as much as possible.  They provide advisory support to rural municipal administrators in a number of areas, they organize and/or present educational workshops, seminars and special meetings, and hold annual newly elected officials seminars targeted at the education needs of newly elected officials.

Policy Services

The SARM Policy Department has a staff of three that work to support members in a number of areas.


SARM provides support for members on individual issues with provincial or senior governments.  Matters that arise from convention resolutions are also dealt with responses and actions taken reported back to members.  Examples of current policy issues include fire protection, road maintenance, infrastructure funding, oil and gas development, fees and services, agriculture programs, etc.  As part of our advocacy efforts, we utlize the services of a lobbyist in Ottawa on some Federal issues.


SARM takes it policy direction from its members through resolutions passed at conventions. Visit the Resolutions page for all active resolutions and responses received from government, departments, and agencies.

Legislation Review

SARM encourages and supports all legislation changes requested by members. We also review legislative amendments affecting rural municipalities under consideration by the Province of the Federal governments to ensure that legislation, current or proposed, is in the best interest of RMs.

Policy Research and Development

SARM staff members focus on agricultural, economic development, municipal and rural policy research and development.

For currect policy activities and member resources, visit the Advocacy page.

Information Services

SARM provides a central communication service dedicated to keeping municipalities informed.  SARM uses e-mails, our website, monthly updates, and the Rural Councillor magazine, to ensure members are aware of the Association’s activities and offers the opportunity to post advertisements for employment, classifieds, and tenders.

SARM also provides an information distribution service, for a fee, to its members and outside parties.  For more information regarding communications services, contact sarm@sarm.ca

Legal Services

The SARM legal department has two lawyers and one legal administrative assistant on staff who all have extensive knowledge of rural municipal issues.  While the lawyers' primary function is related to our Liability Insurance Program, they also provide legal services and advice to our members on a fee for service basis at discounted rates.

 Visit the SARM Legal Services page.

Community Planning Services

SARM also has a Community Planning department that includes two Community Planners available to rural municipalities and urban municipalities on a fee for services basis.  There are a variety of services offered, and the services can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual municipality.

Visit the Community Planning page.

Employee Benefits Programs

SARM provides a variety of employee benefits programs for members, incuding:

  •  SARM Benefits Plan;
    • Short-Term Disability Benefits
    • Death Benefits
    • Vision Care Benefit
    • Maternity Benefit
    • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits;
  •  Long-Term Disability Benefits;
  • Extended Health and Dental Benefits;
  • Optional Life Insurance; and
  • Group Life Insurance.

For information about these programs, or to enrol, visit the Employee Benefits Programs page.

Municipal Insurance Programs

SARM operates several self-funded insurance plans on behalf of participating member rural municipalities.  Participating members benefit from reduced premiums and ownership of the plans.  The plans also pay administration fees to SARM, helping to keep the membership fees down.

Member municipalities have access to the following insurance programs:

Trading Services

The SARM Trading Services program provides our member municipalities with quality service and products at fair prices.  Services range from municipal forms and custom print orders, office supplies and equipment, roads signs, tires, to safety supplies and seasonal rat and gopher poisons.

For more information, or to order supplies, visit the Trading Services page.

Municipal Fund Management

SARM also manages municipal funds on behalf of several agencies.  Some of of these funds include:

 Conventions and Special Meetings

 SARM holds a number of special meetings throughout the year for its members.

Members may submit resolutions, debate, and vote on resolutions at Conventions or the Division Meetings.

Visit the Events Calendar for a list of dates or the Convention page for more information.

Administered Programs

SARM administers programs for its members on behalf of the Province, the Federal Government, and other associations.  Some of these programs are:

SARM Programs

SARM also offers programs to our members.  These include:

Partner Initiatives

SARM continuously develops and administers programs and initiatives to meet the changing needs of rural Saskatchewan and recognizing the achievements of our members.  Over the last decade, SARM and municipal sector partners have been collaborating on some innovative programs for our members.  Some of these include:

Awards and Scholarships

SARM recognizes the vital role that rural councils and administrators play in rural Saskatchewan and are actively promoting the profession and achievements of our members.  We offer a number of awards and scholarships to our members, rural residents and students.


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