The following speakers are familiar with issues facing rural Saskatchewan and may be available for council meetings and other functions.  Please contact the listed speaker if you are interested in inviting them to your event.

Board of Directors

The Board is often available to speak at RM meetings.  Each Director is able to speak on any issue that SARM is involved in.

  1. President David Marit, Fife Lake, Phone: 306.476.7754
  2. Vice-President Ray Orb, Cupar, Phone: 306.536.2778
  3. Director of Division 1 Don Taylor, Bredenbury, Phone: 306.621.1707
  4. Director of Division 2 Norm Nordgulen, Assiniboia, Phone: 306.640.6363
  5. Director of Division 3 Doug Steele, Gull Lake, Phone: 306.741.1202
  6. Director of Division 4 Harvey Malanowich, Canora, Phone: 306.563.7694
  7. Director of Division 5 Ron Stevens, Grandora, Phone: 306.260.4693
  8. Director of Division 6 Rodney Wiens, Herschel, Phone: 306.831.7381


SARM staff are also available to speak at your meetings.  We can be reached at the office at 306.757.3577.