Annual Convention

The Annual Convention is the largest event hosted by SARM with an average of 2,000 delegates and guests from across the province.  This convention is held typically the second week of March each year with the location alternating between Regina and Saskatoon.   We are also proud to say that we do not charge a registration fee for this event.  Because of this, there are plenty of sponsorship opportunities available each year. 

The convention provides the members the opportunity to gather as a whole to debate resolutions, discuss current issues and hear from political leaders and other presenters.

Highlights of Annual Conventions include:

In conjunction with the convention, SARM also hosts a two and a half day tradeshow consisting of an array of over 160 exhibitors.

Blocks of rooms are set aside at all the major hotels during conventions for SARM members. Please visit our members only section for a list of hotels and rates.

For future convention dates and agendas, visit the Event Calendar.

For tradeshow information, visit the Tradeshow page.

Midterm Convention

This is a two-day, no-frills working convention hosted by SARM each year during the second week in November.

Once again, resolutions are debated and delegates hear from a variety of presenters.  The average attendance of this convention is approximately 1,000 delegates and visitors.  The location also alternates between Regina and Saskatoon each year.  Sponsorship opportunities are also available at this convention.

For furture convention dates and agendas, visit the Event Calendar.

Convention FAQs

  1.  When are both the SARM Annual and Midterm Convention held?

Annual - The Annual Convention is to be held each year on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of the second week of March.

Midterm – The Midterm Convention is to be held on Wednesday and Thursday of the second week of November (except in the case where Remembrance Day falls on one of these days).

** If any of the above dates conflict with a major event, the Board of Directors may determine an alternate date.

  1. Where is the Convention held?

Annual - The Convention shall be held at such place as may be selected by the Board of Directors.  It held in Saskatoon on the odd years and Regina in the even years.  

Midterm  - This two day convention alternates as well between Regina andSaskatoon.  It is held in Regina on the odd years and Saskatoon on the even years.

  1. How many people attend the Convention?

Annual - On average the convention draws in about 2,000 delegates and visitors.

Midterm – This is a smaller convention, with an attendance of close to 1,000 delegates and visitors.

  1. What is the cost to attend?

We pride ourselves in being able to say that we do not charge a registration fee for either convention!

  1. Who can attend?

Both conventions are open to anyone.  However, the majority of those in attendance consist of reeves, councillors and administrators who are appointed by the rural municipalities that are members of the Association.

  1. Is Busing/Transportation Provided for the Conventions?

Transportation is provided at the Annual Convention only.  Busing to and from the convention is provided from most of the major hotels in the host city.

  1. Who can I contact for more information?

Kristina Buitenhuis is the Convention and Events Coordinator.  She can be reached at 306.761.3730 or  

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